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Patient Testimonials

I have been treated by Dr. McEvoy for at least five years. I have Spondylosis in my lower back. On my first visit with Dr. McEvoy my pain in my lower back was so bad that I had to use a cane. Now I walk indepently. My Spondylosis will never go away, but through spine adjustments on a regular basis it keeps me going. Some days and weeks I can be pain free, and others I have the pain, but I know Dr. McEvoy is always there to help. He is always friendly, and listens to what I have to say. He gives me his opinion. His office is a friendly place to chat with others while we wait our turn. Dr McEvoy is always ready to help. He is a very special person that I can trust.
SS, Newington, CT

I have been a patient of Dr. McEvoy for a number of years. My first visit was due to a chronic lower back pain problem which was corrected after a few short visits. I continue to see him once or twice a week for adjustments to alleviate problems in my shoulders or neck. Dr. McEvoy is easy to talk to and he takes a genuine interest in patient issues such as diet and an exercise regimen. We have developed a friendship beyond the doctor/patient relationship. I always feel better after an “adjustment” and interesting conversation.
BL-Newington, CT

I have been seeing Dr. McEvoy for a few years now. I have multiple medical problems, and the worst side effect was that I fell 2-3 times per day without warning. Miraculously, I rarely longer fall anymore and if I do, there have been no injuries. Dr. McEvoy has been very helpful and understanding. He also has also helped my carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. I highly recommend his services.

Pam S. Newington, CT

For those who are concerned about being placed in the hands of a very capable chiropractor, I highly recommend Dr. McEvoy. He is well trained, patient, knowledgeable and caring. His treatments are well thought out, precise and carefully applied. And I must add, he listens and responds to his patients with respect and in a most friendly and sincere manner. He is a chiropractor in which you can put your trust and confidence.
JF– Wetherfield, CT

My experience at Dr. McEvoy’s chiropractic office has been very beneficial. I began seeing Dr. McEvoy due to a muffled sound I was hearing and also numbness I felt at my mid-back. After routine visits for a short time the sound and numbness were gone. I now see Dr. McEvoy for wellness care. Dr. McEvoy’s friendly and attentive personality make it enjoyable to visit his office.

KJ — Southington, CT

When I first came to Dr. McEvoy’s office, I was in crippling sciatic back pain. I have been seeing him for some years now and I know he will be there to help when I need it. It’s not often you can find a physician that cares and also listens to his patients. Thank you Dr. McEvoy for putting your all in the care that you give.
CS- Newington, CT

I went to the Doctor because of Sciatica. The Doctor helped me get well and now I go for regular alignments. I am so satisfied with Dr. McEvoy that I referred my daughter, her husband and two sons to him.

CCH–Berlin, CT

Dr. McEvoy’s exemplary care has made an enormous impact on both my sleep and physical activity. Prior to the chiropractic care I have received from him I have struggled with massive sciatic pain which impacted both my sleep and daily activities. Thank you so much doc!

JM-Newington, CT

My name is TM and I have fibromyalgia. For many years I have suffered with migraine headaches, muscle pain, and joint pain. I was very clumsy and would fall going up or down the stairs and often bumped into walls and doorways. I slept all the time and when I wasn’t sleeping, I was exhausted. I felt like my body was a big bruise, if my kids would hug me I would wince in pain. I always felt guilty for not feeling well and missed many family events over the years. Family and friends often thought I was exaggerating because they couldn’t see my pain.

I went to doctor after doctor. I was treated for migraines with Botox injections in my head, neck, and shoulders every 4 months for a year. I went to physical therapy for four months and tried all kinds of medications. I even had doctors dismiss me because I wasn’t responding to treatment. I was beginning to give up hope.

One day, I saw an ad for Dr. McEvoy’s office that mentioned fibromyalgia. I called and spoke to Dr. McEvoy. He invited me to a talk in his office to learn more about chiropractic and how it helps people in so many ways. I learned a lot and was intrigued with what he had to say. I was interested but I tried so many other things and nothing helped, so I forgot about him for awhile.

I saw his ad another time and cut it out and put it on my refrigerator. I looked at it everyday. After a couple weeks, I called Dr. McEvoy again but this time it was to set up an appointment. Dr. McEvoy was different from the beginning. He made no promises but thought that he could help me. I was committed to keep my appointments but he told me it could be a while before I noticed any changes. He explained that my problems developed over a long period of time and could take some time to improve. He encouraged me not to get discouraged.

When I had been seeing Dr McEvoy for about 6 weeks, I noticed I could turn my head to back my car out of the driveway. I hadn’t been able to do that for a long time. I noticed other subtle changes. I could put my socks on while balancing on the other foot and I wasn’t tripping or bumping into things anymore. Most of all, my muscle and joint pain was much more tolerable. I could hug my girls again. The migraines were better and I could go a whole day without pain sometimes. I can now walk to and from work which is about a mile and a half. I know this doesn’t seem like much for most people, but for me it’s like running a marathon.

Three months into the treatment, I got up the courage to stop taking the pain medication I had become dependent on to get through my day. This was not easy, the withdrawal and anxiety that came with quitting was very difficult to deal with. I have not taken a pain pill since and I am so proud of myself.

My quality of life is so much better than it was 6 months ago. I still have bad days, but the good now far outnumber the bad.

I am so thankful for everything Dr. McEvoy has done and continues to do for me. Because of Dr. McEvoy, I can enjoy life again. Dr. McEvoy you are an angel, thank you for coming into my life and making it better. I will be eternally grateful.

TM-Newington, CT

In the Eighteenth Century, commonly referred to as “The Age of Enlightenment” the famous writer and philosopher Voltaire was quoted as saying:

“The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”.
Like most people, I am hesitant to visit any doctor thinking, or really hoping, whatever the problem is, that it will “go away” in a few days. While Voltaire’s statement may be true for many illnesses, when it comes to my back or neck pain, it is time to call Dr. Bill
It is very easy to obtain an appointment with Dr. Bill and the beneficial results are remarkable and usually immediate, and if there was a legitimate reason for him to refer you to another physician or specialist, he would readily do such.
When I finally convinced myself a few years ago to see a chiropractor, a friend recommended I see Dr. Bill, since the person who referred me was very pleased with the results he had received. I called Dr. Bill and was able to be seen the next morning .The rest is history as I have continued to use him for any spinal issues I have experienced for the last few years.
You will find in Dr. Bill not only a Doctor who is extremely knowledgeable, but a caring individual who also should be teaching “Bedside Manners 101?. In addition to his expertise in chiropractic and his affable personality, he is a practitioner who possesses the dedication, motivation, and passion too often lacking in the medical profession today. Dr. Bill is flexible in scheduling patient appointments in an effort to meet client’s busy schedules, and treats every patient with equal respect and dignity (even Red Sox fans), regardless of their vocation, stature in life, or title. Additionally, he is more than willing to meet with and speak to civic, church, PTA groups etc. “pro bono” regarding the interests and/or concerns to their respective groups. I recommend Dr. Bill highly and without qualification whatsoever, and have referred members of my own family as well as friends and colleagues to him for treatment and consultation.
If Dr. Bill were alive in the Eighteenth Century, I’m sure Voltaire would NOT have said “The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease”.
JJ- West Hartford, CT