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1- Diet There are so many diets and many of them work. Yet, they don’t last. We’ve researched the reason why they don’t last, and have come up with a solution. All of our patients are encouraged to explore their own diets and set a goal or make a plan, to lose weight, if that is what they want to accomplish. This will not only help your beautiful heart, yet your knees and low back will love you for it.

2- Movement Is essential for circulation, proper digestion, and keeping your body balanced. Walking after a meal is a great idea. Maybe treat yourself to a new pair of sneakers, and begin a new habit. Yoga, (even in a chair), tai chi, swimming, are just a few low stress exercises that you may consider.If you do pilates, or spinning or kickboxing, these are also excellent exercises, as well. We’ll share more info with you as you progress.

3- Quality sleep Something as simple as stopping coffee after 5:00 PM has helped many people get better sleep. Late night eating of hard to digest food can be a reason for bad sleep. How old is your mattress? If you need a new one, we’ll write you a note for a tax deduction. Don’t sleep with a phone near your head.

4- The right mindset It took time for your body to get into your current state. Crooked teeth require braces and time. And, over time, those braces get tightened. Good news: You don’t need bracing, (your adjustments will take care of that), yet you do need to give some time for these modifications to take place.

5- A healthy flexible body. Not everyone has a chiropractic problem, nor is every condition a chiropractic case. A through orthopedic, neurological, and chiropractic exam will determine your present physical state and whether you would benefit from care.

It is also important to note that the “cracking” sound that so many fear, is a false definition. The sound is called cavitation, and is caused by air being forced out from in between the joint. There is no cracking happening. Chiropractic adjustments remain one of the safest, most gentle methods of treatment for musculo-skeletal conditions in all of health care. From infants to geriatric patients-all are treated very gently.

In Dr. McEvoy’s office you will receive all of the above, and of note, many people experience results faster than 6 weeks.

You deserve to feel good, right? Call us today, and schedule time for yourself, and join the millions of others who have benefitted from safe, gentle, affordable, chiropractic care!